Internet of Things
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What we can do

From designing the best solution, design, development, up to launching the product into the world

We always strive to make you as satisfied as possible, emphasizing close and long-term cooperation to take care of your product development.

Web applications

Do you want a presentation website, e-shop or more complex systems? We love a challenge, so the high demands of our clients are fun for us.

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Mobile Applications

We follow current trends and make applications using the latest technologies. We always carefully consider what is best for you so that you are not limited when it comes to future development.

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UI/UX design

Attracting attention at first sight is both increasingly important and difficult these days. We always get to know you and your target audience in detail when designing. We want the result to impress.

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Internet of Things

Do you have a need or an idea for an IoT solution? Do you need help with an Internet of Things prototype? Do you need to connect IoT with a mobile or web application? We can help you.

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Our team has been in the digital world for some time now. We don't keep our knowledge to ourselves. We want to share it and we are ready to provide you with our advice on anything.

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We specialize in IT training. Agile development is in our blood and we can help you transform your company or find weak points and propose solutions.

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A mobile application that facilitates daily stable management.

We like helping start-up projects and companies. Like with Equi team manager, where besides graphic and development work we also helped with the setup of the whole product and business. We look for ways and solutions, while also keeping the clients budget in mind, so a version of the application was launched on which clients can generate their profits. We always aim for a long-term collaboration and not just a one-off development.

branding / design / ui/ux / mobile development / android / iOS
example of aplication Equi Team Manager

Customized Applications

A mobile application used for ordering taxis, an application for taxi drivers, and a CRM environment for order management.

Do you understand your industry but are not familiar with the digital world? No problem. You can take advantage of our experience, just like Daros Taxi did. They wanted to become the number one company when it comes to ordering taxis in their region, so we invented and created an application that allows them to reach more customers and generate a sharp increase in orders and their profits.

design / ui/ux / mobile development / android / iOS
example of aplication Daros

Complex Systems

The VIZIT ambulatory information system is a modular online application that ensures the operation of both small practices and larger healthcare facilities. Medical records, booking system for doctors, e-prescriptions, e-sick leave, encrypted medical mail.

Under our hands, the extensive system has undergone a redesign and total rework to simplify its control.

redesign / ui/ux / development
example of system Vizit

Fresh Design

Sportongo is a mobile sports social networking application which we have been behind since its inception and we continue to work with the client on its development.

The combination of the client's good vision and the work of our team have turned the Sporotongo social network into an enjoyable environment where sports people can meet each other.

branding / ui/ux / wireframing / development / marketing
example of web Sportongo

Corporate standards

Pillars of Cybronet

Open Access & Consultation

Our team has been involved in the digital world for some time now. We don't keep our knowledge to ourselves, but always discuss it transparently with the client. Openness and honesty are important to us when working together, so if we have an opinion or idea, we'll discuss it with you right away. We will work with your application from its development to operation as if it was our own. Everyone on the team has a task that you can always address directly.

We learn the know-how and pass it on

We learn and gain new experience on every project. We are happy to pass on the know-how that we have been acquiring for several years. Because we have experienced problems and failures ourselves on other projects and learned from them, we can prevent you from making the same mistakes on yours. We fine-tune even the first common steps and procedures with the client for the best possible result

We follow new trends

The digital space is the fastest growing industry in the world. That's why it's important not to fall asleep and monitor the trends, focusing on a few years ahead, in order to prevent the product we create for you from being outdated and uncompetitive in just one year's time. We responsibly develop state-of-the-art solutions for you.

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